Your questions answered

You may have a number of questions following the changes announced around the Bonus Bonds scheme, so we’ve provided the following FAQs to help answer these.

  • Expand/collapse listFuture of Bonus Bonds
    • Expand/collapse listWhy has ANZIS made the decision to stop accepting new investments into Bonus Bonds and wind up the scheme?
    • Expand/collapse listWho is ANZIS?
    • Expand/collapse listI love Bonus Bonds, how has ANZIS determined this is in my best interest?
    • Expand/collapse listWhat does this mean for Bonus Bonds as of today?
    • Expand/collapse listCan I still cash in my Bonus Bonds?
    • Expand/collapse listWhat are reserves?
    • Expand/collapse listA lot of customers redeemed their bonds, what impact will it have on those who chose to leave their Bonus Bonds in?
    • Expand/collapse listHow long would it take to wind up the scheme?
    • Expand/collapse listWhat is the difference between closure and wind up?
    • Expand/collapse listWill any ANZ products be affected by the decision to close and the intention to wind up Bonus Bonds?
    • Expand/collapse listWhy wasn’t I contacted directly about changes to the Bonus Bonds Scheme?
    • Expand/collapse listShould I be concerned about the safety of my Bonus Bonds?
    • Expand/collapse listWhy doesn't the Bonus Bonds scheme reduce its management fee?
    • Expand/collapse listCan someone else manage the Bonus Bonds scheme?
    • Expand/collapse listHow are customers with incorrect contact details being informed of changes to the Scheme?
    • Expand/collapse listI still have funds in the Scheme when it went into wind-up, what happens now?
    • Expand/collapse listHow will you keep me informed?